August 12, 2008

A Chernivtsi Orphanage

There were between 11 and 13 cribs full of infants in each room of this orphanage.
This is the entry door to the above orphanage (in a large city). You can see the state of disrepair, common in most buildings.

Orphanages now receive state help, so we do not ship clothes to them any more. Here I am at one of my last visits to an orphanage that, as you can see, has more adequate resources. We will ship clothes to our teacher-agents who are more than happy to distribute them to needy children in their school districts. You can see an example of this in one of the other posts where a small 15 year old boy - one of 5 children in a single mother home, receives a much needed winter coat and pants - he had been going to school in the winter in only a thin t-shirt.


Sara Beamish said...

Did you help this orphanage? Do you have any after photos? My daughter was in a baby house in Chernivtsi at this time, and I'm wondering if it is the same place or not. And if so if you have any other photos from your time there. Please feel free to contact me at

C.P. Bowyer said...

Yes, we did - with clothing, toothbrushes and toothpaste. We no longer help orphanages as we once did, as we are concentrating our efforts on helping families get either running water to their homes, or wells on their property if they have none. The name of this orphanage was Malarko. Some orphanages now receive a lot of state help, and so they are not allowed to take outside donations as well. So we are focusing our efforts on lifting their extremely heavy burdens in other ways like medical needs and water.